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Jason McAteer Stories


Jason McAteer's nickname before he went to Liverpool football club was 'Trigger' - after the Only Fools And Horses character because Jason isn't very bright. However at Liverpool they give the least bright person in the team the nickname 'Trigger' and the person who had that name when McAteer arrived was Rob Jones. So after a short while at Anfield the players found out what Jason was like and decided to give him the nickname of 'Double Trigger'


There are a couple of stories about Jason McAteer's exploits. Apparently Jason was in a Dublin nightclub and saw Jimmy White and decided to say hello by yelling a catchphrase that Jimmy would instantly recognize and so Jason yelled out the cry of - 'One hundred and eighty'


Another rumour is that Jason was filling out a credit card application and is confused as to what to put in the space marked 'Position In Company' his source of confusion is revealed when he says to a Liverpool team mate - 'I'm a central midfielder but the boss is playing me at right wing back'


Another story has Alan Thompson an ex-Bolton team mate of Jason asking Jason to - 'pass the tomato ketchup' and the answer Alan gets back from Jason is - 'Red or brown'

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